10 Useful Facts About IGET Bar Vape

1. Why does IGET Bar Vape not work?

Low battery
When you inhale, if you see that the indicator light on the IGET column is not lit, you can probably determine that the battery of IGET is depleted. Or because it has been placed on the rack for too long, the used battery has actually run out. Therefore, it is recommended to charge your IGET frequently, so that you can enjoy the disposable vapes with nicotine at any time.
Battery contact broken
When the battery is not connected closely enough, even if evaporation occurs when you inhale, it is possible to see the LED light-activated and evaporation occurs when you inhale, but no steam will be generated.
Airflow blocked
If IGET Bar cannot work normally, you can try to inhale air above the vent or air flow sensing unit with your fingers, or gently blow to the vent of the equipment to remove any type of obstacle.
The smell of burning
In many cases, the electronic liquid vapor may have a burning smell. If you smell burning, please put the vape aside and let the vape e-liquid saturate in the coil for a period of time. But if you see that your coil is completely burnt out, you can go to the disposable vape shop near you to find a substitute.


If the IGET Bar valve leaks, it may be that you suck too much on the nozzle, which may cause the electronic liquid to spray into the chimney, or it may be because of inferior products.

2. What is the IGET BAR component?

IGET Bar vape juice has four components: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) Propylene glycol (PG), condiment, nicotine (5%), and PG bring us a strong throat blow in the electronic cigarette so that the experience can enjoy the pleasure brought by disposable vapes near you around at any time.



3. How much nicotine is there in the IGET bar?


IGET rod contains 50 mg/ml (5%) nicotine. Nicotine is a substance usually found in plants. Eggplant, potato, tomato and cauliflower contain a lot of nicotine. Nicotine itself does not cause cancer in humans. IGET can make you enjoy disposable vapes at any time. Welcome to our PUFFSME to purchase disposable nicotine vapes online.



4. How many puffs are there in IGET?

An IGET Bar can provide you with 3500 times of smoking, which means it can make your disposable vape near you anytime and anywhere, but it also depends on how often you smoke.



5. How many cigarettes is the IGET bar equivalent to?

One IGET Bar vape is equivalent to about 12 packs of cigarettes, which means that one IGET BAR can be enjoyed for a long time. Now PUFFSME has launched many discount Combos about IGET BAR, providing cheap bulk disposable vapes in Australia.



6. How to use the IGET column?

The IGET Bar 3500 has extremely simplified operations to help customers simplify their evaporation experience. Therefore, the experimenter does not need to press the button, but only needs to take a breath immediately after opening the vacuum cleaner.


7. How to charge IGET?

IGET Bar vape can be charged quickly. Remove the microphone, gently press out the internal parts, and connect the cotton, battery and lamp with wires. At each end of the battery, there are two steel sheets to connect the cable. Just press the switch connected to the charger and hold it for about 2 minutes.



8. Is IGET Bar safe?

IGET Bar is crucial and safe. IGET vapes are one of the safest products in the market, which has cutting-edge technology and uses high-quality materials. Come to Puffsme, where you can buy disposable vapes with nicotine online!


9. Where is IGET BAR manufactured?

IGET BAR is made in China, and the world-famous disposable vape brand IGET is headquartered in Shenzhen.



10. IGET Bar Vape near me

You can directly visit the Puffsme website and order on the website. We provide the best service and the most favourable price, and we will send your disposable vapes to your door.




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